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Terre des hommes opened its Regional Hub in Budapest in 2006. It has a double function: provide expertise and advice for Tdh operations and develop regional projects in Europe. Our regional projects implemented in collaboration with a wide range of partners focus on improved services for children in contact with the law and ensuring the rights of children on the move by promoting their development and (re)integration. From April 2022, the Regional Hub has implemented an emergency response for refugee children and families from Ukraine. 

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Our impact in 2022
Ukrainian refugee children and adults received our services in 2022
children were empowered through our activities in the Resilience Innovation Facility
mental health and psychosocial support sessions were provided in 2022
What we do

Child protection

Being a cross-cutting theme, our child protection programme focuses on empowering children and ensuring their participation and developing safer environments for them through improving the child safeguarding systems of various institutions, including sports clubs, non-governmental organisations, and summer camps.


Access to justice for children and young people

Through research, training, raising awareness and advocacy, we promote child-friendly practices for children in contact with the law. With our partners, we encourage states to apply restorative justice, use non-custodial measures for children and implement services for the prevention of delinquency and re-offending. 


Children and young people on the move

Our team advocates for child-friendly migration policies on a European and international level while empowering children and young people to claim their rights. We are working to make sure children and young people affected by migration are protected and treated equally.


Humanitarian aid

We improve the wellbeing of refugee children and families from Ukraine and ensure their protection by providing child protection services and psychosocial support. We support the integration of children and provide educational opportunities, as well as safe spaces, such as Resilience Innovation Facilities (RIFs), where they feel safe, have the opportunity to learn, play and lead new initiatives.

Things on the desk.

"We agreed on creating a desk organizer with our group that goes to the workshops of FabLab Győr. And we planned many, many ideas and then created it with different technologies. Personally, in addition to my drawings, I completed a 3D printed mini-shelf system. At first, I was a little afraid of it all, but it turned out that there is nothing to fear, I can handle the machines with confidence, and I am also good with the design programs. I feel empowered."

Dorina, a 12-year old girl who participates in our activities at FabLab in Győr


Annual reports

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Child Safeguarding Policy

Our Child Safeguarding Policy is available in Hungarian and English for easy access

Child Safeguarding Policy

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