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As the leading Swiss organisation for children’s aid, created in 1960, the Terre des hommes foundation is committed to protecting children’s lives and their rights, and improving their well-being. We aim to do so through innovative programmes focused on health, migration and access to justice, specially designed to have both short- and long-term impacts.  

For more than 60 years, we have been working in difficult situations, in countries at war, regions devastated by natural disasters, and places where poverty and malnutrition force millions of children and their families to migrate elsewhere. We provide direct and indirect support to millions of children, their families and communities in around thirty countries every year. Take at look at our vision, mission and values.   

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Our vision

We all aspire to a world where children's rights, as defined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, are always respected. Because we live in a world where children and young people cannot always grow up safe from harm, we support them, hand in hand, in building their resilience, so that they can become actors and actors of positive change in their lives.

Our mission

In order to protect children and their future, we are committed to fostering sustainable change to protect their rights and well-being. Our protection mission is articulated in 3 concrete commitments.

Our commitments
Defending children's rights

We advocate for the rights of children worldwide and ensure their well-being and the effective implementation of their rights as defined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and other human rights instruments.

Listening to and involving children

We support children in expressing their needs and interests and encourage them to participate actively in their communities to promote their empowerment.

Vital protection with our core programmes

We focus our efforts on protecting the lives of children in fragile contexts as well as in more stable environments. We are developing three flagship programmes that have a strong impact on their lives: for children’s health, for migrating children and for chilldren's access to justice.

Tdh Kosovo
Our values
Participation and empowerment
  • We promote and enhance participation and empowerment.
  • We create the space for active participation and embrace inputs from others.
  • We are sensitive about others’ needs to have an influence.
  • We share and delegate power and responsibilities.
Partnership and collaboration
  • We trust the capacities of our key actors as primary responders and agents of change. We build on their strengths and on their needs.
  • We champion co-creation and value complementarity.
  • We appreciate other points of view and seek collectively for pragmatic and innovative solutions.
  • We manifest humility, respect, fairness and see others as equal partners.
Innovation and learning
  • We promote a culture of innovation.
  • We value curiosity, welcome new initiatives, and foster creativity.
  • We embrace voluntary learning and are ready for trial and error.
  • We foster knowledge sharing, learning and strive for sustainability.
Diversity and inclusion
  • We celebrate diversity and inclusion of people.
  • We genuinely commit to diversity and inclusion and see it as a wealth in all our activities.
  • We understand the cultural contexts and value differences.
  • We are truly committed to an equal treatment.
Leadership and excellence
  • We thrive to offer our best, we think ahead, and are ready and willing to go the extra mile for the well-being of children.
  • We provide quality programming and support. We are accountable and transparent. We use power responsibly.
  • We position ourselves through our expertise and savoir-faire.
  • We advocate for the rights of children whenever possible and seek actively opportunities to do so.

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