Terre des hommes Romania

Terre des hommes has been active in Romania continuously since 1992, contributing to the improvement of the child protection system and to the reform of social assistance. Each year, thousands of children and parents benefit from Tdh projects in Romania.

Our three major programmes are Children and young people on the move, Access to justice for children and young people, and Transversal child protection. To this, in 2022 we have added the Emergency support for Ukrainian refugees in Romania.

We are particularly known for: promoting the concept of (child) safeguarding and developing related procedures and guidance; strengthening the capacity of child protection, education and justice professionals through new resources, trainings, and exchanges; and encouraging child and youth participation, including by embedding child-led initiatives in almost all our projects.

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Our impact in 2022
children and youth benefited from our activities and services
professionals were trained to provide improved child protection services
counties in Romania where our intervention took place
What we do

Children and young people on the move

We strengthen the resilience and improve the wellbeing of children and young people on the move by supporting their integration and ensuring their protection and safeguarding.


Access to justice for children and young people

Against imprisoning and discrimination, we work towards ensuring that all children and young people have access to child-friendly, inclusive and restorative justice.


Child protection

To protect children against any form of abuse, we mobilise communities to prevent risk situations, train professionals, and build the resilience of children and young people.


Humanitarian aid

Our support for Ukrainian refugee children and families ranges from responding to their urgent needs and providing psycho-social support to facilitating their long-term integration.

RIF Bucharest

"I feel safe and protected in Romania, like I used to at home. I am learning Romanian, and I already know many words. That helps me communicate with my peers and gives me the feeling that I am not a stranger here, that I am not abandoned." 

Eleven-year-old Timofey fled with his family from Zhytomyr, a city in northwestern Ukraine, to Bucharest. Here, he takes part in psychosocial activities provided by Tdh that help to relieve stress and regain a sense of normality through contact with peers. Timofey is also attending the Resilience Innovation Facility, an innovative and safe space where young refugees can creatively explore their talents and develop their digital skills together with Romanian children and young people. Moreover, they are getting prepared for a future field of activity that will benefit them regardless of where they live.