Terre des hommes Moldova

Due to the troublesome economic and social context in Moldova, many children live in poverty or have to cope for themselves because their parents work abroad. Some are at risk or are victims of neglect and abuse or turn to juvenile delinquency. Children from marginalised communities often face discrimination. To prevent violations of children’s rights and better assist child victims, Terre des hommes (Tdh) actively strengthen the child protection system.

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children and young people benefitted from our protection activities in 2021
professionals participated in our trainings in 2021
communities from 27 regions were engaged in our projects in 2021
What we do

To create a safer environment for children’s development, our team and partners mobilise families, communities and public authorities to protect children who are at risk or victims of neglect, abuse, discrimination or exploitation. We work with schools to ensure disadvantaged children are integrated and receive psychological support in toy libraries, summer camps, and through group activities. In local communities, we focus on preventing violence against children, strengthening families, and increasing children’s resilience. We advocate for high quality child protection services and build the capacity of professionals.


We work with local communities, parents, and professionals to improve the protection of children left behind due to parents’ migration and to strengthen families affected by migration. At the national level, we raise awareness about migration and how to prevent and reduce the negative impacts of migration on children. Our local experts help children to cope with the emotional challenges related to their parents’ absence, inform parents on how to maintain a sound relationship with their children, and train professionals to assist families affected by migration.


Tdh works with justice, education, and child protection institutions and professionals in preventing juvenile delinquency and supporting children in contact with the justice system. Our goal is to build sustainable services that prevent juvenile delinquency, reduce recidivism, and ensure that children in contact with the justice system are properly protected. Our specialists provide training and resources for professionals, strengthening their ability to understand and respond to children’s specific needs. We advocate for policy improvements and for the development and implementation of child delinquency prevention programmes.


To help Ukrainian refugee families, we have launched an emergency response to the crisis. Tdh mobile teams work in reception centres as well as in communities, where they improve children and their families’ wellbeing by providing food, hygienic material, information and psychological first aid. We set up child friendly spaces and organise psychosocial activities for children. In our mother-baby corners, mothers can rest and get products for their babies. We also collaborate with authorities and other organisations and train frontline workers.

Terre des hommes in Moldova
Terre des hommes in Moldova
Beneficiaries 2021

23,266 people

Expatriate staff / National staff

0 / 15

Budget 2021

CHF 889,838.


Terre des hommes (Tdh) starts working in Moldova by supporting authorities to prevent and fight child trafficking.


Launch of our project in the Russian Federation and Ukraine to protect Moldovan children on the move.


Tdh begins the long-term process of overall strengthening of the national child protection system of Moldova.


Tdh opens the first child-friendly and safe spaces, called toy libraries (ludotecas), where children and parents can play and develop their psychosocial abilities. Over the years, more than 60 such spaces were created.


Launch of the Hotline for Moldovan migrants at risk in the Russian Federation.


Tdh starts its juvenile justice programme to support children in contact with the law.


Tdh Moldova becomes a founding partner of the regional initiative Child Protection Hub for South-East Europe.


The educational and social inclusion of Roma children and families becomes one of our priorities.


Tdh begins the development and application of an innovative programme to address the gender stereotypes that can lead to child abuse.


The national information campaign “Families without Borders” addressing the protection of children left behind is launched.


Tdh initiated a national advocacy campaign to revise Moldovan legislation with a view of improving protection and availability of specialized services for children in conflict with the law and below the age of criminal responsibility.


Tdh carried out the campaign “Daddy, let’s play together!” which aims to raise awareness among parents about the benefits of active engagement of fathers in children’s education.


Children from 30 schools across the country organised the campaign “I choose to promote non-violence”, marking the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.


Tdh Moldova implemented YouCreate project – creative community initiatives carried out by youth for youth. 27 initiatives addressed youth issues in 25 communities around the country through 245 activities.


The project Stop Bullying and the campaign „STOP BULLYING! I stop. I speak. I help”, with the aim to inform children, their caregivers and teachers about the dangers of bullying and to give them instruments of intervention.


Launch of emergency activities for refugees from Ukraine in reception centres and in the community.