Yes, I want to make a difference

Together, let's give children the means to have a happier childhood and build a better future.

Poverty, violence, war and displacement, social exclusion, and barriers to accessing education or justice – is the reality that millions of children in Europe face. Children need our support. Need you. Can you help make a difference to their lives?

It’s easy to get involved and there are many ways to do it. You can make a donation, volunteer, work with us, spread the word about us, set up a partnership, and you can contribute a little or a lot, and you can do so often or just from time to time.



Donate for children

Every commitment you make places you a little more at the side of children, to protect their rights and their wellbeing.

You can make an online donation at this link. To specifically support our Ukraine emergency response, please donate here.

If you wish to get involved and contribute in a certain country where we are active in Europe, learn more at the following links or contact our country offices: Switzerland, Hungary, Romania, Greece, Albania, Ukraine, Moldova, Kosovo.



Become a volunteer

One day, two days, or every day? It doesn’t really matter. In fact, sometimes it doesn’t take much to do a great deal. So, if you too have been wondering about volunteering to help children and young people, now is the time to take that decision, once and for all. 

As a Terre des hommes volunteer, you will join a community that shares the same values and enjoy some rewarding experiences. Our work is greatly supported by volunteers, and we are immensely grateful to them!

In our countries of operations in Europe, volunteers can get involved in assisting project implementation, doing online research on different topics, developing communications materials for social media, supporting the organisation of events. Contact each country office to discuss in detail. For volunteering opportunities in Switzerland, visit this page.