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5 million Ukrainian children miss out on education
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Do you want to make a difference in children's lives?
Together, let's give children the means to have a happier childhood and build a better future.

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In this insightful interview with Dorina Bencsics, Tdh's newly appointed Resilience Innovation Facilities (RIF) Officer in Hungary, we delve into innovative strategies for empowering children through art, design, and technology. Discover how this enthusiastic professional, with a background in…
30 young people from the Braila-Tichiliesti Detention Centre in Romania learn 3D printing techniques and the use of technological machines to develop skills that will help them better reintegrate into society. The courses are held in the FabLab (Fabrication Laboratory) that was set up in…
On the occasion of World Refugee Day, marked on 20 June, Terre des hommes Hungary organised an exhibition opening and guided tour at the Ott Thaly Community Center in Budapest. The exhibition showcased the drawings of children who participated in workshops organised by Tdh and UNICEF within…
Today marks one year since Russia attacked Ukraine, ending decades of peace on the continent. More than seven thousand civilians, among them 500-1000 children were killed in the fighting. The country has 5.7 million school-age children missing out on education, while two million minors have been…
A new project, called i-ACCESS MyRights, will improve access to information and legal assistance for child victims in the European Union, including by using digital and artificial intelligence tools. AI-driven solutions will allow child victims to easily find information and exercise their rights…
The Safeguarding Resource and Support Hub for Eastern Europe (RSH EE) is a programme that serves civil society organisations responding to the war on Ukraine. It provides practical and accessible safeguarding resources aiming to reduce the risk of harm to those they work with. Governments, NGOs,…

Every child in the world has the right to a childhood. It's that simple.

Terre des hommes (Tdh) is the leading Swiss child rights organisation. Since 1960, Tdh has helped build a better future for children and youth, especially those most exposed to risks, making an impact with innovative and sustainable solutions. Active in more than 30 countries, Tdh works with its own teams and/or local and international partners to develop and implement field projects.

In 2022, we supported 2.6 million children and members of their communities with a focus on mother and child health, migration and access to justice for children. We trained people who in turn supported a further 4.5 million children and members of their communities.

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The video describes how Tdh set up its emergency operations in the Ukraine, Moldova, Romania and Hungary.
The video describes the work of Tdh with refugee families, and how mobile teams can bring laughs and positive energy to families accommodated in apartments, hotels, and with Moldovan families.