Tdh Response to the Ukraine War

Tdh supports people who fled the war in Ukraine and are transiting or take refuge in Moldova, Romania and Hungary. Our response/ activities include creating and running child-friendly spaces, mother-baby corners/ spaces, and mobile teams. In the child-friendly spaces (both indoors and outdoors) children can play, participate in games, and various creative and learning activities.

psycho-social activity with children affected by the war in Ukraine, Summer 2022

Our psychologists and animators are always there to supervise children and provide them support. We also work with the parents to understand their needs and offer relevant information or direct support. In the mother-baby corners, there are freely available items for babies (nappies, food etc.), a space to change the nappy, a comfortable place to feed the baby. We are continuously establishing mobile teams consisting of a social worker, psychologist, animator, and nurse. 

Since April 2022 Tdh in Hungary has been cooperating with the Budapest Municipality and the Budapest Methodological Center and Institutions in order to provide child protection services to refugees arriving from Ukraine and being accommodated at shelters run by the municipality. From three shelters in Budapest and one in Pilisszanto, staff is supporting children and their families, and a mobile team identifies needs in accommodation centers along the border.

Tdh has been supporting a grassroots movement started by a group of volunteers for creating a pop-up school for Ukrainian kids. Tdh supported the volunteers work by employing them and now contributes to the implementation of school activities and ensures the protection of children. 

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