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The purpose of the project is to establish a partnership amongst a broad range of actors, both public and private, and particularly to improve collaboration between NGOs that work in the respective field, aimed at strengthening capacities towards generating common actions related to the priorities set up in the EU Strategy on eradication of trafficking in human beings, particularly to identifying, protecting and assisting victims of trafficking, stepping up the prevention of trafficking, as well as enhanced coordination and cooperation among key actors and policy coherence.
The VICTOR project is transnational, with the foreseen duration of 21 months.

The project is based on the following strong PARTNERSHIP:

1. International Organizations: SELEC (Southeast European Law Enforcement Centre)
2. Public Authorities: National Commission Combating THB – Bulgaria, National Agency against Trafficking in Persons – Romania, Greek Ministry of Public Order & Citizens’ Protection, Greek Ministry of Justice, Transparency & Human Rights
3. International NGOs: Terre des Hommes, Régional Office in Budapest
4. National NGOs: The Smile of the Child – Greece (Applicant), Save the Children – Romania, Nadja Center Foundation – Bulgaria, Society KLJUC – Slovenia, ASTRA – Serbia, La Strada – Moldova, Child Well Being Fund – Ukraine

A. Promoting and developing coordination, cooperation and mutual understanding among law enforcement agencies, other national authorities and civil society in combating trafficking in children
B. Improving situation in the field of identification of children victims/possible victims of trafficking by training of actors likely to come into contact with them
C. Stepping up prevention of trafficking in children through awareness raising activities targeting vulnerable groups of children at risk

1. Trainings for actors working in fields where they are most likely to come into contact with children victims/potential victims of THB (law enforcement, health care workers, judiciary, labour inspectors, NGOs).
2. Information desks on Child Trafficking, a pilot NGO in-house model, for a period of 6 months, operational in four countries.
3. Workshops aimed at organizing and evaluating the pilot work of information desks, as well as developing recommendations for EU Guidelines for the identification of victims of child trafficking.
4. Raising awareness campaigns: in countries of origin-addressed to potential children victims; in countries of destination, aimed at reducing of demand and designed to address potential “clients”.
5. Networking activities-creation of a website and an development of Southeastern European Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (SEEC), promotion of a project’s publicity material through local networks.


Ø Establishment of public-private partnerships between all relevant actors
Ø Awareness raising campaign in countries of origin and destination participating in the partnership scheme, with a focus on victims protection and reduction of demand.