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From its regional hub in Budapest, Tdh develops and implements regional projects with partners across Europe. In Hungary we improve the access to quality services for children in contact with the law and we fight against the isolation of Roma and other vulnerable communities. We promote child-friendly, inclusive and innovative services and measures for all children.

Our key results in 2020

  • 238,000+ visitors to ChildHub in 2020 – Europe’s online platform for child protection
  • 11,675 professionals trained to improve their work with children
  • 623 children benefited from our services 

What we do


We conduct research, develop new tools and methodologies, and create opportunities for professional development in the field of child protection. Our Child Protection Hub empowers thousands of child protection specialists to collaborate, learn and advocate together, with a common aim to positively impact the lives of children in Southeast Europe. We have also set up a FabLab in Hungary, where disadvantaged groups have access to tailor-made services. By using this innovative environment of creation and skill-building, various professionals interact and work together with children and youth to enable their integration and development.


Through research, training of professionals, raising awareness and advocacy, we promote child-friendly practices for children in contact with the law. With our partners, we encourage states to apply restorative justice, use non-custodial measures for children and implement services for the prevention of delinquency and re-offending. We support practitioners to enhance procedural safeguards for children, in particular access to legal aid and multidisciplinary needs assessments for children in criminal proceedings. As member of the PROMISE Network, we support the development of Barnahus in Europe – a multidisciplinary service that provides rapid access to justice and care for child victims and witnesses of violence.  

Terre des hommes in Hungary (Regional Office)

Beneficiaries 2020: 46,327 people

Expatriate / local employees: 0 / 19

Supported by: European Union, TDH Germany, Oak Foundation, Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC),  UEFA, Global Partnership to End Violence against Children, UNICEF, Innovation Tdh Lausanne

Our story

2006: Opening of Terre des hommes’ Regional Office in Budapest.

2009: The Mario project, led by Terre des hommes, initiates in 16 European countries, aiming to ensure the well-being of children on the move and to protect them from abuse, exploitation and trafficking.

2010: Our first European news site on child protection issues - “Child Protection in Europe” is launched.

2015: Launch of Child Protection Hub for South East Europe – a network and community of child protection professionals.   

2017: Launch of StoryLab – a mobile game that helps children navigate the legal system.

2017: Tdh starts raising awareness about diversion, an alternative measure to custody in the juvenile justice system.

2018 and 2019: Tdh carried out awareness raising activities at the Sziget Festival, one of the largest music and cultural festivals in Europe.

2020: A FabLab for children from disadvantaged communities was established in Győr, Hungary


Terre des hommes Foundation 'Lausanne' in Hungary is a registered Foundation in Hungary. Please find its annual reports below.

2020: Public Benefit Report, Annex (in Hungarian)

2019: Annual Report of Public Benefit ActivitiesBenefit ReportAnnex (in Hungarian)

2018: Public Benefit Report (HU)

2017: Public Benefit ReportBalance sheet (HU)

2016: Public Benefit Report (HU)

2015: Audit ReportPublic Benefit ReportBalance Sheet

2014: Audit ReportPublic Benefit ReportBalance Sheet

2013: Egyszerűsített Beszámoló és MérlegKözhasznúsági melléklet (HU), Public Benefit Report (EN), Mérleg (HU)

2012: Közhasznúsági melléklet (HU), Public Benefit Report (EN), Mérleg (HU)

2011: Közhasznúsági jelentés (HU), Public Benefit Report (EN), Mérleg (HU)