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Child-Friendly Justice Project


‘Child-Friendly Justice‘ aims to increase the chances of troubled and troubling youths in conflict with the law to become contented, happy and productive citizens. It will contribute to this objective by:
1.) systematically assessing the situation in Hungary and identifying its strengths and obstacles to effectively dealing with these kids within the juvenile justice system,
2.) increasing the knowledge and skills of Hungarian professionals and experts working in the system about alternative methods,
3.) and by developing a set of recommendations for alternative measures that can be directly applied in the system.
This project is an attempt for a unified and systematic change of the legacies of custodial measures and punitive action in Hungary. Target groups include organizations and individuals involved in or impacted by the topic of juvenile justice. Among others they are prosecutors, judges, probation officers, criminology departments of universities, NGOs.
As a result of the current project a heightened awareness of the effectiveness of alternatives to custodial measures is expected. There will be a *functional network of professionals and experts with deep understanding of the necessity of alternative methods. Specific project outputs include a Situation Analysis in HU, a Recommendation of Special Behavior Rules for prosecutors and judges, and database of organizations and key professionals committed to the issue. The expertise and methodology pool of both partner NGOs will also be enhanced by the end of the project.
The project is implemented with the leadership of Pressley Ridge Hungary Foundation and in partnership with Tdh, with the financial support of the Swiss-Hungarian cooperation program, funded by SDC.