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VICTOR Campaign against Child Trafficking


Katerina was a child when her mother died and her father became alcoholic and started beating her. A cousin said he would get her out of this situation and into a ‘normal” life. She was then trafficked from Eastern Europe and was sold like a slave.

The story of Katerina is not unique. 200.000 women and girls are trafficked every year for prostitution in Southeastern Europe. Only 1-2 % of victims in Europe are rescued and those of them found are scared, alone and taught to live with fear.

That’s why we are campaigning in Greece, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Serbia, Romania, Moldova and Ukraine to raise awareness on child trafficking among the public, professionals in the field and vulnerable communities and groups of children including missing children, unaccompanied minors, children left behind, children with disabilities, children belonging to minority groups.

With so many children at risk take your responsibility against child trafficking now!