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Tdh completes EU commissioned study in Albania and Kosovo


Child begging in a public park, outside a mosque or church, at traffic lights, along busy streets and bus-stops, next to your home, in our cities. Although a sad and evident reality of basic child rights violation*s, this phenomenon is *little understood not only in Albania, but also in Europe. Therefore, in order to develop a sound understanding of this phenomenon’s nature, causes and patterns, in January 2011, the European Commission (EC) and DG Home Affairs commissioned the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) for a research project on child beggin. Covering the area of 13 member countries of the European Union, as well as Albania and Kosovo, the study aims to develop an empirical and evidence-based understanding using a specific methodology that combines literature reviews, direct street observations and interviews with children, families and other stakeholders.
For Albania and Kosovo, Tdh has been entrusted by ICMPD with carrying out this research which will help develop appropriate policy responses at the national and European levels. The 1st research phase consisting of the national literature review and set of interviews with key institutional representatives from public and non-public authorities was completed in May, 2011. The 2nd phase which included direct street observations in the city of Durrës and Tirana; interviews with over 20 children, parents and families affected by the phenomenon; and interviews with various key local stakeholders were completed at the end of September, 2011. A comprehensive report providing valuable insight into the nature and root causes of child begging in Albania was submitted to ICMPD in mid November. The composition of a set of policy recommendations for EU action in the fields of child protection and the fight against crime is to follow next. (FG)