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More than 170 professionals participated in the training sessions on child trafficking


April 10, 2014, Athens, Greece:In the framework of the EU-funded project “VICTOR – Victims of Child Trafficking – Our Responsibility”, this seminar was organized by “The Smile of the Child” bringing together national experts and stakeholders in the field of child trafficking, healthcare and social workers, psychologists, public prosecutors and law enforcement professionals.
This event reflected how the situation in the field of identification of children victims or possible victims of trafficking can be improved by providing training to national stakeholders and professionals likely to come into contact with vulnerable groups of children.
More than 170 professionals and practitioners across Greece took part in this training provided in different working sessions. The training allowed the participants to analyze the phenomenon of child trafficking and its new emerging forms and share practical insights and good practices for identifying a victim.
The seminar also focused on the phenomenon as a public health issue, the appropriate techniques to be followed and the indicators to be taken into consideration, while it also covered the damaging consequences to the victims. Particular emphasis was given to the role of healthcare professionals in identifying a victim during a session provided by Dr. Jordan Greenbaum, MD, medical director for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s Child Protection Center.
During the opening of this event, the Chairman of “The Smile of the Child”, Costas Yannopoulos, presented the work of the Greek NGO in the field. Opening remarks were also made by the National Rapporteur to monitor and combat trafficking in Human Beings, Dr. Heracles Moskoff and the Director of the International Organization for Migration Office in Athens, Daniel Esdras. Heracles Moskoff referred to the role of National Rapporteurs in developing a national strategy against trafficking, while according to Daniel Esdras there is an urgent need to open a dialogue and focus on the demand side of this phenomenon.