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"Kosovo children moving to Montenegro and Macedonia"


Interview of Artur Marku, 35, Albanian citizen. After 5 years as Project Manager for Tdh in Albania, he is today in charge of Tdh operations in Kosovo. Update of the operations.

Terre des hommes is working on both child trafficking and juvenile justice in Kosovo, can you tell us about the situation of child trafficking in Kosovo towards Albania and may be also to other countries involved?
Artur Marku: About child trafficking in Kosovo, we have now a new phenomenon about the grown up of number of Kosovar children, Roma people, exploited in the streets. And the number of Albanian children, from Albania, is more or less stable for the moment. But we will monitor the situation during the summer time.
Also we notice the trend of moving the Roma people towards Montenegro and also towards Macedonia. These Roma people are from Kosovo province.
In March 2007, The European Agency for Reconstruction (EAR) and UNICEF jointly launched a 1.2 million Euro project to support the development of the juvenile justice system in the UN Administered Province of Kosovo. Tdh is a partner of this project…
Artur Marku: Yes, this project started in February 2007 and Terre des hommes, as a partner of this project, is in charge of developing the prevention activities for the juvenile delinquency.
This project takes in charge the activities with children with a social behaviour in one part and also to organise the prevention activities with schools, community police and the centre for social work. For the first phase of this project, we organise a first group of children beneficiaries that will benefit from programme activities for 18 months.
Do you make the link between the activities you do specifically on child trafficking and exploitation of children and the activities you do on juvenile justice?
Artur Marku: Yes, because one part of the activities is common activity, that will benefit children in situation of trafficking and also the children in situation of juvenile delinquency. These activities are psychosocial activities.