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Developing a Child Protection Safety Net


“”: Tirana, Albania: Terre des Hommes Delegation in Albania presented the project “Developing a Child Protection Safety Net in Albania”. The project aims to create and strengthen a network able to protect children against trafficking and other forms of abuse, violence, exploitation or neglect. The project is a continuation of the previous intervention TACT (Transnational Action against Child Trafficking). Terre des hommes believes that the Child Protection Safety Net consists of institutions and community measures to protect children such as: municipality social services, school, medical services, police, and organization that offers social services. On the central level, the Child Protection Safety Net is sustained to the solid legislation and policies which compose the standards and tools for child protection.
This project is financially supported by the Austrian Development Cooperation, Medicor Foundation, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, OAK Foundation, the Swiss Development Cooperation and UNICEF .
In this conference took part the Vice-Minister of Labor and Vice Minister of Education and Science, the authorities from the Municipalities of Durrës, Pogradec, Korçë, Elbasan, Fier, Vlorë, Gjirokastër, representative from donors and local organization, and also the representatives from the coalition All Together Against Child Trafficking. Children from Roma Community Center of Elbasan participated in the conference and also by acting a small drama about the importance of school.

“Creating a healthy environment for children where they can grow up and develop their full potential is the goal we want to achieve with our social policies, in collaboration also with partners” said Ms. Filloreta Kodra, Vice-Minister of Labor, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities.
The main partners for the implementation of this project are going to be the respective ministries, 9 selected municipalities, their social services and especially Child Protection Units, some schools in five districts, communities in need but also local associations which offers services for children.
7 Child Protection Units (CPU) have been already established with the support of Terre des hommes and 7 more supported by other organizations. The CPUs have been assisting and helping at least 350 children in the last three years. The aspiration of the involved organizations with the support of Ministry of Labor is to establish this Child Protection Units also in other municipalities of the country.
“Protecting children from risks can be achieved only if all the actors: health institutions and police, school psychologists, teachers, parents and all the citizens are active and work together for the protection of children” said Sendrine Constant, Delegate of Terre des hommes in Albania. [VL]