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Children speak out in front of state institutions and international organisations


8th of May 2012, Prishtina, Kosovo: The Coalition of NGOs on Child Protection (established by Mario Project, implemented in Kosovo by the Tdh) held its first National Conference for “Protection of Child Rights”, with the Motto: “A Kosovo fit for children is a Kosovo fit for all!” and with the active participation of children.
This conference had a big impact also due to the high interest with more than 130 representatives of state institutions such as the Presidency of Kosovo, the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, the Ministry of Justice, the Parliament of Kosovo, Ombudsperson, Kosovo Police, Centers for Social Work etc sitting in the audience. The conference was also attended by representatives of local and international organizations such as the European Union Office in Kosovo, UNICEF, GIZ and all the NGOs members of the Coalition NGOs on Child Protection.
For the first time in Kosovo a panel of children participated discussing with state representatives, raising questions and concerns and expressing their views and wishes. Children made some very accurate remarks regarding how they witness the violations of their rights every day and grabbed the attention of the whole audience.
During the first part of the conference representatives of the Presidency of Kosovo, Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, Parliament of Kosovo and Ombudsperson held short speeches identifying the main achievements and challenges for the future. They expressed their commitment to work more towards respecting and protecting children’s rights.
In the second part, some members of the NGOs Coalition on Child Protection including Tdh made short presentations of facts and figures about the situation of children in Kosovo.(KV)