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Children draw the attention of parents through Movement, Games and Sport


24 June, 2011, Soroca, Moldova: Spontaneous, active and in the mood to play, children from Soroca participated in the Fair Play Events of MOVE project. The event meant to draw the attention of key-people to the situation of children, and ways to improve their well-being through games and sport – based on Movement, Games, Sport methodology (MGS). Last but not least, promoting the introduction of the MGS methodology into school curricula was part of the agenda.
Mu?enco Angela – Chief coordinator of the General Department of Education, Youth and Sport in Soroca (GDEYSS) said: MGS methodology is effective. Seeing the reactions of children and parents, I believe that these activities have a positive impact. In some institutions of Soroca’s communities several activities have already been included in schools’ curricula. However, a larger number of animators could multiply MGS activities in many more institutions. I know that for 2011, the Tdh team implemented sustainable actions in Soroca and Ungheni by developing a long-term plan to introduce the concept of psychosocial activities in education and integration of creative and MGS activities. These processes are very useful for professionals who work with children, and they enrich their professional experience. The specialists who go through such trainings can provide diverse and qualitative services for children.”
The Vice-president of Soroca’s district, Vladimir Nicuta mentioned that “last year there was a similar Fair Play event and it was reflected positively in the local media. I heard some interesting impressions of children. I can say that it is important that they came out from their native villages, on a much larger stadium and met with children from other communities. This is a special event for every village, because it is a collaboration between Tdh Foundation and communities from Soroca, supporting children from rural areas through Fair Play events.”
Parents have an important role in educating and developing the interest for sport activities for their children because the child sees the parent as a role model. Therefore, this year the Fair Play event from Soroca included games where children and their parents were both involved. Mu?enco Angel noted that _“the traditional parent – child relationship was reduced to the idea that children were asked by parents to work in their free time, in a way that the child was forced to work against his will; but now we see a different situation, children draw parents’ attention through games and sport. This is extremely important, because parents realize the importance of these types of activities and understand them as activities of knowledge in the child’s life.”
The Fair Play event was attended by about 72 children, 24 parents, 12 animators / trainers from six districts of Soroca. At the end of the event each child received a medal, a UEFA shirt and sweets.
The presence of MOVE Goodwill Ambassador, ex-footballer Sergei Chirilov made the fair play football game – based on integration of girls and boys equally – the most popular activity for children. Chirilov, who is now Head Coach of U-21 National Football Team of Moldova said that _“the activities organized in MOVE project are trying to create a non-competitive atmosphere, cultivate the spirit of integration and collaboration between children and parents because when the child grows happily and feels important in the society, then we have a healthy future ahead.”[AD]
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