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Child Protection Hub was launched in Ukraine


At the end of September, Terre des hommes launched the professionals’ learning and networking platform Child Protection Hub (ChildHub) in Ukraine, making it available in two more languages – Russian and Ukrainian. It comes as a support to professionals at all levels, from frontline workers to decision-makers and academics, in addressing the difficulties faced by children in Ukraine.

The interactive online and offline platform, set by be Terre des hommes and its partners, is a regional initiative that promotes continuous improvements of child protection practices in South East Europe. Starting 2015, ChildHub empowers and connects child protection actors to learn, advocate and collaborate together - and achieve more than they could ever accomplish alone.  

The regional online hub operates in eight languages and is open to social workers, teachers, law enforcement officers, healthcare and justice professionals, as well as policymakers, students and parents. Ukraine joins Moldova, Romania, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Hungary that were already part of the initiative.

Due to the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, more than 100,000 children who live and study within the proximity of the contact line are severely affected by the constant shelling and military presence, while over two million people have been internally displaced. Moreover, thousands of children in Ukraine are suffering from different types of violence, including physical and emotional abuse, bullying, and neglect. As about 60% of Ukraine's population lives under the poverty line, children are confronted with further hardships, including being left behind by parents working abroad. There are more than 200,000 children left behind. ChildHub comes as a support to professionals at all levels, from frontline workers to decision-makers and academics, in addressing the difficulties faced by children.

Currently, Childhub brings together over 5000 child protection professionals from the region. Teachers, social workers and other specialists from Ukraine are now invited to join the community, in order to improve their work and practice and bring a positive change to the lives of children and their families. On the online platform, any member can stay updated with the latest news in child protection, access the online library of about 2500 publications, use the resources for trainers and other materials, and participate in free webinars. Furthermore, it encourages professional exchanges. Therefore, there is the possibility to chat with colleagues, ask for professional advice, and discuss cases. One can also promote their expertise, and inform themselves about relevant events and vacancies in Ukraine and abroad.  

"Childhub is a resource that provides the opportunity for professional development. For me, Childhub is about learning, communication and change! Thanks to this platform, I can choose my trajectory and improve my knowledge both in the immediate field of activity and develop competencies in other areas. It is valuable to me that I can expand the geography of my acquaintances in the online space, share experiences with colleagues in the field of child protection and keep abreast of the latest news", Kateryna Ignatenko, Junior Training Officer at Tdh, Luhask region of Ukraine.

The project’s activity in Ukraine is funded by Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Dutch Relief Alliance and welcomes Russian and Ukrainian speakers to use it and gain more knowledge to better protect children.