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Tdh results in Ukraine: January-June 2018

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Situation overview

Since March 2014, the conflict in Eastern Ukraine has claimed thousands of lives and has led to 1.6 million people being displaced. As stated in the UN OCHA Report, over 2,540 civilians have been killed and thousands more injured. Some 600,000 people, including 100,000 children, live within 10-km of a 457-km contact line, where there is daily shelling, armed clashes and extreme levels of mine contamination.

Currently, tens of thousands of children live in areas where the sound of shootings and bombs is a part of their reality. Many children find it difficult to cope with this situation and suffer from stress and anxiety. According to UNICEF, at least 45 schools have been damaged or destroyed over the last 16 months. This is in addition to more than 700 schools damaged since the conflict began, forcing 200,000 girls and boys to learn in militarized environments, amid volatile fighting and dangers due to unexploded weapons.

What we do in Ukraine

Psychological distress among conflict-affected and displaced children remains one of the main issues in Eastern Ukraine. Many children find it difficult to cope with this situation and suffer from stress and anxiety. Tdh provides psychosocial support and creates child-friendly spaces for them, as well as trains local professionals.

Tdh results in numbers: January - June 2018

  • 3,573 children and youth (51% boys, 49% girls) have benefited from protection services and psychological support;
  • 113 educational units are selected to participate in the project (Child protection in educational units and after school activity centers);
  • 114 local education and protection specialists improved knowledge and practices through continuous training provided by Tdh.


As Tdh promotes the use of games and sports, including football, as efficient tools for children's development and protection, on 25-26 May Tdh participated in the UEFA Champions Festival in Kyiv. We organized fun activities for young visitors and inviting twelve children from eastern Ukraine.

Find out more about our activity in the attached document: English, Ukrainian