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Refugee & Migrant Crisis: Child Protection Response

Protecting refugee and migrant children on the move: Serbia, tfYROM and Croatia. Multi- agency capacity building resources

Stephanie Delaney | Child Protection Hub for South East Europe | 130 pages

This capacity building package was developed in the frames of the UNICEF Regional Office for Central and Eastern Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States (CEE/CIS) initiative, implemented by the Child Protection Hub for South East Europe and Terre des hommes Regional Office for Central and South East Europe (Tdh) in its role as coordinator of the ChildHub.

The purpose of the initiative was to build the capacity of those responding to the refugee and migrant crisis to be able to address child protection concerns within the unique settings of the largely transit countries, in particular Croatia, Serbia and the former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia (tfYROM) This effort was a recognition that the normal understanding and methods for working with refugee and migrant children are made especially difficult where large populations are on the move and spend relatively short periods of time in country.

The package includes 4 core modules, equaling one full day of training each: Cultural sensitivity, Impact of being a refugee / migrant on children, Working together for the benefit of children, Safeguarding. There is also an optional additional module on psychological first aid.

The publication is available for download in 5 languages: English, Serbian, Croatian, Macedonian and Slovenian at the Child Protection Hub website.