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Justice for Children - Justice for All: The Challenge to Achieve SDG16+

CELCIS, DCI, OSRSGVAC, and Tdh | 16 pages
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The Call to Action - Leave no child behind

Roughly 1 in 3 people across the globe is a child. Yet, while the sustainable development agenda pledges to leave no one behind, there is a stark gap when it comes to measuring, understanding, and - most critically - fulfilling this global ambition for children.

With a strategic vision that actively puts children at the centre, affirms human rights, and is aligned with the SDG agenda, the Justice for Children Call to Action is an international, multi-agency project and an essential part of our collective global challenge to achieve SDG 16. It has been commissioned by Pathfinders for Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies, with the Task Force on Justice.

This Justice for Children project is led by CELCIS - Inspiring Children’s Futures at the University of Strathclyde; and developed and written with the Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary- General on Violence against Children; and the Child Justice Advocacy Group, coordinated by Terre des hommes and Defence for Children International. A Technical Working Group made up of global experts on justice for children has advised and richly informed this work.

This is a Call to Action to fulfil our collective global commitment to ensure that all children live peaceful, just and inclusive lives, and are provided with the opportunity to flourish and live to their full potential. This Justice for Children Call to Action offers a new starting point to place children at the heart of an emerging global movement for justice. It is:

  • Advancing a new understanding of justice
  • Targeting critical decision makers
  • Building on the growing momentum of national commitments.
  • Sharply prioritising impact on children’s outcomes

Find out more about this initiative and how you can join in the brochure.