Say STOP to bullying!

This brochure was made by the 12th grade pupils of ”Al. Macedonski” Technological Highschool of Melinești (Romania) within the REVIS project, with the purpose of informing their colleagues regarding the bullying phenomenon in school.

This is an informative leaflet in Romanian language, with a well structured content, easy to understand, written and designed for young ages. The content explains what bullying is, the forms of bullying (verbal, physical, social, cyberbullying), portrait of the aggressor, portrait of the victim, effects of bullying, factors that lead to aggressive behaviours and their causes (the influence of family or school environment), why some children are more likely to be bullied and others not.

The brochure was printed and distributed in school, and also posted on the Highschool website:

pictureThe REVIS project - "Responding to peer violence among children in schools and adjacent settings” is being implemented in Romania by Terre des hommes Foundation and is co-funded from “Rights, Equality and Citizenship” (2014-2020) Programme  of the European Union.

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