Violence in schools takes many forms and it requires adequate solutions. The project name, REVIS, is an acronym: "Responding to peer violence among children in schools and adjacent settings".

REVIS: Responding to peer violence among children (in schools and adjacent settings)

Goal and objectives

The overall goal of the project is to prevent, combat and respond to peer violence among children through transforming social and gender norms and behaviours; create space for children to challenge social and gender norms that lead to peer violence; and become social influencers to develop solutions to the problem.

The objectives of the project envisage to develop a program of engagement in four countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Serbia) - with the help of 80 trained facilitators and 8 trainers, based on the findings of a qualitative research conducted into the social and gender norms contributing to violence against children,

The project team will work with 1600 children, youth and teachers on activities, campaigns and programs that prevent and reduce peer-to-peer violence in and around schools and other educational settings (like afterschool).

The project is implemented in 4 countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Serbia, and it is coordinated by Terre des hommes Hungary (general project coordinator). In the four countries, the project is implemented by national partner organisations: Social Activities and Practice Institute (SAPI Bulgaria), Brave Phone (Croatia), Terre des hommes Romania and Centre for Youth Integration (Serbia).

The REVIS project brings together five experienced child protection organizations from South-Eastern Europe which have a rich experience in advancing progressive principles in reducing violence against children, building capacity and knowledge amongst childcare professionals and empowering children to be an integral part of the debate and participate in tackling harmful practices.

"The REVIS project for me means a journey through which I developed both socially and personally; an opportunity to affirm myself and form new bonds with other children in the school.” I gained confidence and courage to communicate more with other peers, collaborate more openly with teachers, and to be able to make a difference as a person through my involvement in school activities. I'm glad I did and can continue to be a part of this project that opened many doors for me and taught me to value more the relationships I have with those around me.Considering that I was also bullied by classmates in my school in my primary classes, my dream of bringing change in the students in the school is coming true, and I am very happy that it is being carried on to other classmates my people, who helps me unconditionally in the change we desire to make. ”

Valentina Percea, student participating in the REVIS project, Bechet Theoretical High School

Project implementation period: January 2021 - January 2023

The project is funded by the Justice Programme (JUST) and Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (REC) of the European Union .


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