The Budapest Methodology and Social Center and Institutions has accommodated close to 900 refugees in the first six months

The Budapest Methodological and Social Center and Institutions has opened its shelters to refugees on 26th February, first on Gyali street, then in Banya street with 160 places. In the past 6 months 900 refugees, among them 426 children were accommodated at these two shelters. 444 of those stayed for 1-5 days, but 75 have been in the shelters for 3-6 months and 32 have been there since the beginning. There have been several NGOs and volunteers that provided support, in-kind contributions, etc. Terre des hommes started cooperating with BMSZKI and is a long-term partner, in order to provide services to children and families, including supporting the creation of child-friendly spaces, but also providing support to their legal status and papers, supporting getting employment, etc.