Andreea’s story, or how we respond to school violence

Andreea’s story is the story of every child bullied or intimidated by school colleagues. The Technological Highschool teenagers  of Melinesti (Romania) involved in the REVIS project wrote, staged and performed a theatre play through which they urge their colleagues to take a stand against school violence.

Andreea is a new colleague who tries to get integrated in the class group, but she is constantly rejected by the other girls because she is chubby and too studious, sort of library mouse. When she reveals her past problems (health issues, victim of a pupil’s aggression), the colleagues understand and accept her. They even protect her in front of a bully boy. In the end, the girls support each other for math workpapers, share common hobbies and become good friends.

pictureThe REVIS project - Responding to peer violence among children in schools and adjacent settings is being implemented in Romania by Terre des hommes Foundation and is co-funded from “Rights, Equality and Citizenship” (2014-2020) Programme of the European Union.



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