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Terre des hommes Foundation 'Lausanne' in Hungary is requesting proposals to
Understanding risk and assessment in child protection

Background: The Child Protection Hub for South East Europe is a regional initiative operating in eight countries of South East Europe to provide capacity development and networking opportunities for child protection professionals and related workforce to develop and improve the knowledge base available for these professionals in their languages.

As part of the initiative Terre des hommes – the coordinator of the ChildHub initiative – is developing e-courses in order to provide flexible, easy-to-follow opportunities for child protection related professionals to improve their knowledge, skills, and practices. ChildHub already has several e-learning courses (ensuring the participation of children, supervision, multi-disciplinary child protection, etc.) on its Moodle based platform called ChildHub Academy.

The current call wants to select a consultant to develop the course based on the training’s curriculum and training materials. Outline is available on this link.



To Develop an e-learning course – based on the existing training package – to be published on the Child Protection Hub’s Moodle based learning portal and for the use of child protection professionals in Europe.

The course will be translated into Albanian, Bulgarian, Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, Romanian by Terre des hommes.

The course should heavily build on the existing training package and should keep its content and philosophy.

Various methodologies to make the course interactive would be highly expected. The course should include short videos (to be created by the consultant), possibly games. The consultant will be responsible for the technical implementation of short videos, interactive elements in a format allowing their use on a Moodle platform as well as including the training material into ChildHub’s Moodle platform.

The author of the training package can be made available for consultation for the development of the online course. Drafts will be peer reviewed by partners and selected experts identified by Terre des hommes.


Schedule: The deadline for the completion of all versions of the e-learning course is November 2017, with development commencing in July 2017.

Interim deadlines will be finalized with the selected partner.



  • Recruitment of consultant:                                 until 24th July
  • Deadline for first draft:                                      1st September
  • Feedback and discussion based on first draft:     until 15th September
  • 2nd draft:                                                         16th October
  • Feedback on the 2nd draft:                                until 22nd October
  • Final product in English:                                    1st November
  • Translation and localization of the course:          8th December
  • Development of e-course:                                  August – October
  • Content advice during technical development:    August – October


Application:  Please submit the following to the e-mail by 14th July:

  • CV of lead consultant presenting relevant experience with online learning as well as in the subject matter
  • Description of the consulting company/organization applying, including references to previous similar projects, track record in the subject matter (child protection), technical capability in e-learning methodologies, and knowledge of the phenomenon in Europe would be an asset
  • Concept proposal for the course (main principles and methodologies, approaches to be used)
  • References of previous, similar work (including contacts that may be approached for direct reference)
  • Financial Proposal including a budget / cost-breakdown
  • Timeline for implementation and milestones
  • Guarantees, penalties for delays


Deadline for applications: July 14, 2017 (EOB)


Shortlisted candidates will receive the full training package, based on which a more detailed offer can be made. Excellent English language is a requirement from all staff involved in the creation of the e-learning course.

Terre des hommes is part of the Keeping Children Safe coalition and will require all contracted personnel to abide by its Child Safeguarding Policy and live up to and sign its Code of Conduct.