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The Right(s) Courts for Children


The objective of the project is to raise awareness of children on their rights in civil, administrative and criminal judicial proceedings, including children in conflict with the law as (suspected) offenders, witnesses and victims and to promote and support child-friendly justice practices.

Expected results
ER1: 160  children in Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia collaborate with targeted judicial professionals to conceptualize a child-friendly serious online simulation game.
ER2: 5,000 children  in 6 EU member states  have increased awareness on their rights in criminal, civil and administrative judicial proceedings.
ER3: Children in 6 EU member states  are leading awareness raising and advocacy actions to promote children’s access to justice and child-friendly justice practices.

During the project a erious online simulation game is developed and adapted to Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian ,Croatian and Italian – with the input and active participation of children. The game is planned to be accessed by at least 5’000 children. The serious online simulation game will include learning outcomes that specify the leading principles and core elements as stated by the CRC General Comment No. 10 (2007), and other relevant international and national legal instruments and standards. Through the proposed activities, the target group will benefit from improved access to the justice system. This will include information on the likely duration of proceedings; possible access to appeals and independent complaints mechanisms; procedural and material guarantees that children are entitled to as per EU instruments (as listed under the ‘European added value’ section below); and any other critical advice and referrals.

An advocacy meeting will also be organised with EU policy makers in Brussels to present the game and advocacy messages of children – with children.


Partners in the implementation:

The project is co-funded by the European Union.