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Research on Child Trafficking in Bulgaria and Romania


With the support of the Permanent Representation of France to the UN organisations in Vienna, Tdh Regional office has implemented a regional project to assess the forms and routes of child trafficking from Romania and Bulgaria to France.

This initiative is part of a larger regional project of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs aiming to prevent child trafficking and to improve identification, protection and assistance to victims.

The research which was designed as a pilot project looking at the situation of children coming from specific municipalities assessed as trafficking-prone was implemented by Tdh and simed at improving the knowledge of Bulgarian, Romanian and French authorities on the major forms of child trafficking. The analysis put a specific emphasis on identifying and understanding the different mental, emotional and physical effects of trafficking on the children that fall prey to their exploiters. "

Tdh Regional office cooperated with the Tdh Delegation in Romania and with Partners Bulgaria in order to implement the project. The main researcher and author of both publications (forthcoming), Dr. Olivier Peyroux, conducted the research in Constanta and Braila in Romania and in Sliven, Nova Zagora and Pazardjik in Bulgaria.

Feedback sessions are currently being, or were organised with the relevant local authorities in April (Romania) and in June (Bulgaria) ensuring the participation of those professionals in charge of providing protection to children vulnerable to trafficking

Based on preliminary findings of the research, –and in collaboration with the authorities in Romania, Bulgaria, France and Greece – Tdh submitted a proposal to the EU's Daphne program in order to improve cooperation of authorities across borders for a better protection of child victims.