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Establishing child protection systems at local level to ensure the protection of children from abuse, neglect and exploitation in the Republic of Moldova”


Project time frame: January 2011- December 2013

The project aims to ensure an improved access to family support and child protection services, including systems to prevent and protect them from family separation, violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation, for at least 2000 vulnerable children and their families in Falesti and Ungheni districts.

The expected project outcomes include:

    Inter-sectorial mechanism. Specialist s working in social assistance, education, health and other child-related sectors in Falesti and Ungheni districts are able to prevent, identify and protect children-victims of neglect, abuse, exploitation due to a child protection mechanism designed, tested and included into the child protection system in these two districts.
    Change of attitude. The attitude of professionals and of the public reflects support for vulnerable families and children. There is a general awareness regarding the need to prevent child neglect, abuse and exploitation. Child protection issues are widely discussed in both districts, thus changing the mentality of professionals, politicians, and other social actors. The necessity to condemn and report abuse is acknowledged.

Implementation partners:

NGO Partnership for Every Child, Local Council of Falesti, Local Council of Ungheni.

The project is implemented with the financial support of Oak Foundation.