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Emergency relief for refugees and migrants along their migration route


Terre des hommes Foundation Lausanne are collaborating on an emergency aid relief and protection to vulnerable refugee children and families in Macedonia and Serbia since October 2015. The second phase of the project which started mid- November will be implemented until the end of December and the third phase runs until the end of February. In Macedonia the partner is La Strada Open Gate while in Serbia it is  the Novi Sad Humanitarian Centre (NSHC : Novosadski humanitarni centar).

The aim of our project is to deliver emergency assistance, to disseminate information and guidance and to establish temporary protective spaces for refugee children and their families, particularly those staying in non-camp settlements and in transit areas along the migration corridors. The project is implemented in Tabanovce at the exit point of Macedonia where more than 5000 refugees are transiting every day with limited access to services covering their basic needs.


The project has three main axes:

1. direct assistance to refugee children and mothers with non food items, winterization kits and hygiene and dignity kits

2. provision of safe spaces for mothers and children, where age appropriate, culturallz sensitive support activities and emergency counselling can take place

3. access to informamtion about their rights, procedures, migration risks, but also assisting thier own communication by providing wifi connection and electricity.