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A political and military conflict has been devastating the Eastern part of Ukraine since March 2014. Daily clashes have caused thousands of victims and resulted in the displacement of more than 1,380,000 people. The two oblasts (provinces) of Luhansk and Donetsk are among the most affected regions and host more than 700,000 people, many of whom are children.

Many of these children come from the most vulnerable rural populations in the area with the highest poverty rates in the country. Violence has forced their families to flee their homes and leave all their possessions behind. Difficulties in adapting and settling in a new environment cause many disorders like stress and anxiety among children and their families. Terre des hommes' main goal in Ukraine is to provide psychosocial support for displaced children, mainly in areas out of government control which are difficult to access but where the needs are greatest.

Our intervention

Local psychosocial activities and services – Since June 2015, Terre des hommes has been running a 6-month project in five towns of the oblast of Luhansk: Luhansk, Alchevsk, Perevalsk, Krasnodon and Antracit. The aim of this project is to provide psychosocial support to more than 12,000 displaced and vulnerable children, youth and their family members. 45 fully equipped game libraries will be set up and 225 education professionals will be trained to provide psychosocial care. These areas, open to all, also provide parents with the opportunity to receive support, as well as help and advice about administrative procedures. They are also forums for discussions to ease the tension between the host communities and the uprooted population.


• 300 uprooted children and their families have benefited from psychosocial help since March 2015.
• 4 fully equipped game libraries – books, toys, games and suitable materials for sports and creative activities – have been set up in Kramatorsk.
• Monthly group or individual discussion sessions have been organised for the young people and their parents.
• 40 professionals received training to develop and improve their knowledge and abilities in psychosocial support for children affected by conflicts.
• Training materials, put together by Tdh, have been made available to these professionals.