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Terre des hommes collaborates with Defence for Children International – ECPAT Netherlands in the framework of the project Mario in order to reinforce its knowledge and expertise in the protection of children on the move in countries of destination. Tdh benefits from close working relationships with international governmental and non-governmental agencies and private sector partners of DCI-ECPAT. DCI-ECPAT is the leading child rights advocate at national level in The Netherlands, with expertise in all areas of the CRC, ranging from child protection and youth care, child abuse and neglect, trafficking and exploitation of children to juvenile justice and alien law. It is the founder and coordinator of the Dutch NGO Coalition for Children’s Rights. The organisation is running a quality guardianship - for separated children project in Europe, and since 2013 is coordinating the SCEP network.Defence for Children International – ECPAT Netherlands brings to Mario.

Since 2015 DCI Netherlands is implementing the project "Procedural Rights of Juveniles Suspected or Accused of Crime".