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In Serbia Tdh cooperates with the Center for Youth Integration (CIM) in Belgrade, that is operating two drop-in centers for street-involved children in the city. The organisation has been advocating for the better protection of Roma children in vulnerable situations.  Between January 2013 and September 2014 CIM and the NGO Echo in Novi Sad cooperated with Tdh in the framework of hte project AIDAH and had regularly visited children and families returned from EU countries, provided them needed assistance (e.g. documentation, access to services, basic furniture) - while also documenting the progress children have made.

Since late 2014 CIM is implementing the Child Protection Hub project in Serbia, developing a network of local experts and provides opportunities for these professionals to learn from each other and to improve their skills through training, regional exchange and peer-advice. It also collects local resources (i.e. studies, reports, legislative instruments, training manuals) which have been developed in the country.

Terre des hommes also started working with the Novi Sad Humanitarian Center in order to provide emergency assistance and services to refugee and migrant children along their travel from Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, to other countries in Europe.

Novi Sad Humanitarian Centre (NSHC) is a nonprofit, charitable organization that contributes to the creation of humane society through provision of support to vulnerable population, encouraging civil activism, research and education.

NSHC was founded in 1998 a small group of citizens during the nineties, during the wars and major refugee crisis, was also offering support to vulnerable people. Among the founders of NSHC there were refugees from the area of ​​Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as citizens of the Republic of Serbia. In the early years, NSHC was mostly oriented toward the needs of a large number of refugees and internally displaced persons, providing them with psychological, social and material support. Later, NSHC has developed into an organization that supports a variety of vulnerable and marginalized groups, including forced migrants continue to occupy an important place.

NSHC provides psycho-social, educational and other support to vulnerable groups in society, including refugees and internally displaced persons, Roma, the elderly, children and youth, victims of violence and others.