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In Greece, more than 2000 refugees arrived each month in 2017. More than 30% of them are children, of whom every 17th is unaccompanied. People have spent extended periods of time in reception and detention facilities, under difficult conditions. On their arrival on the mainland, many struggle to access essential services. To provide families and children with the protection and support they need, we offer psychosocial activities, counselling, safe shelter and non-formal education.

Key results in 2017

  • 2790 people received psychosocial support
  •  1460 children and their relatives received non-formal education
  •  1440 people were assisted individually

What we do


Tdh provides accommodation and social assistance to asylum seekers and refugees in Ioannina and Thessaloniki as an alternative to staying in camps or on the street. To guarantee their protection, families and children are followed up on by a social worker who supports them with their local orientation and refers them to social, medical and legal services if needed. In the Ioannina Community Center - Mikri Polis, which hosts around 200 children and their relatives a month, Tdh runs various activities to support them in their integration, such as language classes, cooking events, Greek movie nights, discussion groups, arts and crafts events and a child friendly space.