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Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

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In the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Tdh has been working together with Open Gate/La Strada for a number of years on different joint projects, including a global project to fight child trafficking, the recent AIDAH project monitoring the situation of children returned from EU countries and in the framework of the project Mario as well.

In the Summer of 2015 Tdh has opened a new area of cooperation with Open Gate, providing emergency assistance to refugees and migrants who have been travelling through Macedonia from Greece on their way to Europe (Austria, Germany, Sweden, Norway).

Open Gate- La Strada Macedonia was founded in 2000 and exists primarily to provide help and protection to trafficked persons, as well as to protect and promote victims’ human rights. Open Gate is a member of the 'La Strada Network, a European anti-trafficking network consisting of eight independent human rights NGOs based in Central and Eastern Europe and in The Netherlands.

Open Gate advocates for trafficked persons and takes an active part in the creation of national policies, being member of government bodies such as the National Commission for Combating Human Trafficking and Illegal Migration and the Subgroup for Combating Trafficking in Children. Open Gate organizes preventative and educational activities for high-risk population at schools and other public institutions, raising people’s awareness, knowledge and skills, next to training of professionals from law enforcement, media, the education system, i.e. anyone who might contribute in assisting a trafficked person.

Open Gate works in partnership with all relevant organizations and institutions in charge for combating trafficking in human beings at a local, national and international levels. Tdh has also worked with UNICEF and the Macedonian government to create multi-disciplinary responses for children victims of violence.