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Tdh has been working with a number of NGOs in Bulgaria. In the project Mario Neglected Children Society organises a local network of experts on child migration, provides training for different professionals and organises bi-lateral negotiations with countries of destination (e.g. Greece). It also participates in transnational research documenting the migration of children from Bulgaria to differen destination cities, also capturing their situation and ability to exercise their rights.


Since late 2014 Tdh also works together with the Know-How Center for the Alternative Care of Children at the New Bulgaria University for the implementation of the Child Protection Hub project. The Know-How Center is developing a network of local experts and provides opportunities for these professionals to learn from each other and to improve their skills through training, regional exchange and peer-advice. It also collects local resources (i.e. studies, reports, legislative instruments, training manuals) which have been developed in the country.