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Child Protection Resource Hub


The Regional Resource Centre for Child Protection aims at developing a strong regional
community of practice and innovations in South East Europe,
among stakeholders who are
contributing directly to the development and delivery of child protection services (professionals, academics, decision makers, experts, users). The project strategically articulates 3 types of interventions (knowledge management, capacity building and advocacy) around a regional network of professionals and agencies, supported by an online platform. The focus of this platform is given to services and skills addressing situations of abuse of and violence against children. The RRC will enable networking and professional cooperation among stakeholders in SEE countries. It will increase opportunities for upgrading knowledge and skills and generate a process of continuous practices improvement, (through training, peer-to-peer exchange, an online library or resources available in 5 languages). RRC will also offer a platform for advocacy for policy development and innovation.

The target groups are

(a) 1000 professionals, academics, policy makers from the region, as well as

(b) a pool of 150 experts in child protection, that will act as enablers for the modernization of services and child related policies.

It is expected that more than 500.000 children and families will be impacted positively by the project, as final beneficiaries.

The project is led by Terre des hommes’ regional office in Budapest and benefits from strong partners from 8 countries of the region. Their role is to make sure that all challenges encountered in SEE countries are addressed effectively and are included in the RRC analysis, policy recommendations, and advocacy initiatives (challenges such as the significant deprivation of families following the economic crisis, as well as migration of children’s parents and of professionals, discrimination of minorities, political unrest and uneven funding mechanisms for community services etc.
Project Partners

  • Terre des hommes Delegations in Albania, Kosovo, Moldova and Romania
  • Save the Children North West Balkans
  • Know-how Centre for alternative care for children in Bulgaria
  • Croatia – partner to be identified
  • Centre for Youth Integration in Serbia
  • Center for Excellence for Looked After Children in Scotland (CELCIS)

With potential academic partnerships with:
University of Social Sciences of Tirana; New Bulgarian University; University of Pristina; Free
International University from Moldova; Free International University of Moldova (ULIM); University of Bucharest; University of Belgrade, Faculty of Political Science; University of Kent- Center of Excellence for Child Protection (Tbc) ; University of Stirling (Tbc), HES-SO in Switerzerland.



The project is being co-funded by the European Commission's DAPHNE project, the Austrian Development Cooperation, Oak Foundation and the Kanton Zürich Lottery Funds