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Terre des hommes (Tdh), founded in 1960, is the leading Swiss child relief organisation. Tdh is committed to bringing meaningful and lasting change to the lives of children and youth, especially to those most exposed to risks. It aims to improve their well-being by providing essential services or by assisting and training professionals and members of their communities to do so. Tdh strives to ensure the effective application of children's rights as defined by the Convention on the Rights of the Child and other relevant human rights instruments. 

In 2020, Tdh reached 4.8 million children and members of their communities in 35 countries. Read our 2020 Annual Report.

In Europe, Tdh works towards the full realisation of children's rights. The fragile economic, social and political context in some countries in Europe makes children particularly vulnerable. We focus our work in Albania, Kosovo, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Hungary, and Greece, while together with partners, we reach children in other 14 European countries. We protect children who are victims or at risk of abuse, those affected by migration, or in contact with the law. Find out more here.

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