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We all here are refugees, We want respect not only cheese!


“”: Bern, Switzerland: Terre des hommes offers the possibility to Foreign Unaccompanied Minors (FUM) to take an active part in a project enabling them to acquire new knowledge, to develop certain competencies and to make their voice heard on subjects which relate to them directly.
Between June and December 2009 five workshops with young migrants are organized by Tdh and are animated by two educational project managers. While taking part in play activities and creative workshops, the youngsters carry out a reflection on their situation as migrant young people in Switzerland. They formulate ideas to improve their reception and stay in the various Swiss cantons and create “products” presenting their recommendations which can be communicated to a target public.
The workshops are converted in a participative, interactive and dynamic way. The tool “Movement, Games and Sport” is used in order to work consistently on the social and personal as well as on the methodological and technical abilities and competences of the young migrants. By this project, Tdh gives a new and dynamic vision to the existing public debate on the question of children on the move, in order to create conditions under which the future generations of FUM in Switzerland will be able to live with dignity and in the respect of their rights.

At the end of September, the foreign minors got together in Bern for the second time. They talk about their personal situations. Some of them told about their experiences in administrative detention, others about the authorities’ refusal to give them a work permit even if they are in an apprenticeship and an employer supports them. Other subjects about their everyday life were also discussed. A rapper then came and created a song with the FUM on their difficult situation. This song will be made public next year via the Swiss National Youth Council because Tdh close its activities in Switzerland.” [ML]
“We all want a good education
It’s possible in Switzerland cause its a rich nation
Nous aimerions tous faire une formation
Mais sans papier il n’y a pas de solution.
Ref :
All we need is a better situation
We are talking about our generation
We all here are refugees
We want respect not only cheese
Aller à l’école je suis d’accord
Mais comment payer le transport?
De l’argent j’en reçois pour manger
Mais il me sert surtout à me déplacer
Je voudrais bien étudier
Mais que faire, que faire si je ne peux pas rester
Le futur est bien incertain
Car on ne sait pas ce qui nous attend demain
Manchmal bin ich auch frustriert
Ich sitze hier, weiss nicht was passiert
Ich will arbeiten, ich will auch reisen
Das ist unmöglich ohne Schweizerausweis”