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Visiting the Office of the Hungarian Ombudsman


April 1, 2016: Young people's groups visited the office of the Hungarian ombudsman to learn about the role and work of the Ombudsman in protecting the rights of children. They were greeted by three colleagues of the Ombudsman and held inter-active discussions with the children, answering their questions.

In prepartion to the visit, the students prepared actual complaints and collected their questions: "What can I do if my school forced me to be a 'private student'?, Can anyone write to the Ombudsman, and will they receive a reply?, can a parent discipline their child by grounding them for a week?"

The legal representatives of the Ombudsman explained the role of the Ombudsman in governance, and its position. He went on to say that indeed they answer each and every inquiry or complaint by anybody, from the 7-year-old to the person with mental disability. He also told the tale of the origins of the Ombudsman in Sweden, originally representing the King while he fought wars in distant lands, and making sure there were no misbehavior among the population. He discussed with the students about appropriate discipline, or what fundamental rights were.

After an hour and a half it was difficult to stop the discussion. The visit ended by a quick feedback which showed students enjoyed the visit and learnt a lot.

The project "Right(s) Court for Children is co-funded by the European Union.