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Vacancy: Short-term consultancy Review of migration processes in Ukraine


Terms of Reference: Consultant for Review of Migration Processes in Ukraine

Context: Significant geopolitical transformations impact each and every aspect of life of Ukrainian society, including migration. The intensity, nature and direction of migration of the Ukrainian population changed dramatically after the collapse of the Soviet Union, when the country opened up to the world. Recently, the signing of an Association Agreement and the path towards a visa-free regime between Ukraine and the EU led to a series of important reforms in the field of migration management. Closer ties between Ukraine and the EU have however exacerbated tensions with neighboring Russia who in turn sought to deepen its collaboration with Ukraine, including in the field of migration and freedom of movement. The situation quickly deteriorated resulting in an armed conflict within Ukraine with different internal factions informally supported by external forces, splitting control over the territory of Ukraine (particularly the Donbas region) between different political forces, eventually leading to the annexation of Crimea. As the events unfolded, massive displacement within the country (and to a lesser extent outside of the Ukrainian borders) and destruction of infrastructure have and continue to exacerbate the protracted economic crisis that Ukraine faced, which was already intensifying outwards labour migration[1], a pattern that remain as of May 2017.

The service of an external consultant is required to deliver a comprehensive country-based report addressing migration processes in Ukraine.


The principal objectives of this report is to offer an accurate and up-to-date description of internal and outward child and family migration patterns, trends and the protection challenges that they raise.

  • Identify the main migration patterns and trends in Ukraine: internal and outward migration, push and pull factors, regular and irregular migration, migration and development, migration to Ukraine, risks and vulnerabilities (including human trafficking and smuggling)
  • Identify, assess and analyse specific systemic failures and gaps, needs and rights violation of children and families, and whether these are specific to a particular group or migration trend.
  • Review existing public and grey literature on migration in Ukraine, including international, national and (where applicable) sub-regional/local laws, regulation policies and procedures that impact on children on the move or otherwise affected by migration.
  • Identify a set of recommendations for Tdh and other relevant stakeholders, with a view to inform Tdh’s strategic development in Ukraine with regard to children on the move or otherwise affected by migration.


The selected consultant’s mandate is threefold:

Design – in consultation with Tdh in Ukraine and other relevant stakeholders: a sound methodology upon which the research process will be based. This will include (and should be reflected in the expression of interest) at a minimum the definition/refining of key research questions, identification and design of data collection methods and tools (including participatory ones), research schedule, ethical, safeguarding and data protection charter, analytical framework and overall approach to the research.

Data collection, data cleaning and management: The consultant is to ensure the collection of all relevant data and information, including the views of statutory and non-statutory stakeholders into account, as well as the views and opinions of children on the move or children otherwise affected by migration. The selected consultant will need to develop in its expression of interest the approach s/he intends to implement, and outline the main methods that will be used, which should include at a minimum desk and literature review, semi structured interviews with statutory and non-statutory stakeholders as well as with children and families, potentially focus group discussions if deemed instrumental to attaining the objectives of the research.

Write up of the research report, which will include the incorporation of comments and suggestions of Tdh staff and other key stakeholders, outlining key findings as well as recommendations for Tdh and external stakeholders (including statutory ones) with a view to inform future operational and capacity developments of Tdh and other external stakehodlers’ actions. The developed report and recommendations will form a key background for Migration strategy development for Tdh Ukraine.


The consultant is expected to deliver:

  1. A research methodological framework, including all associated tools
  2. A draft report
  3. A final report addressing migration processes in Ukraine (maximum 30 pages excluding annexes).


The applicants are invited to submit :

  1. a CV (no more than 3 pages),
  2. a list of publications of a similar nature and scope, and
  3. an expression of interest (no more than 3 pages) explaining how they fit the qualifications required below and outlining the approach and methods that the consultant will use and implement in the course of the research process.
  4. a financial offer

Duration: 1 month.

Tentative starting date: August 20, 2017

Required qualifications:

  • Advanced degree in social sciences (psychology, social work, sociology, human development and family studies etc) relevant to the consultancy;
  • At least five years of relevant professional experience on child rights issues, child protection in a context of migration;
  • Advanced knowledge of qualitative research methods, and data analysis techniques;
  • At least five to eight years experience conducting research on similar, related topics;
  • Excellent analytical skills;
  • Good computer skills, specifically knowledge of data entry, processing and analysis;
  • Strong interpersonal, communication skills, and ability to promote collaboration;
  • Outstanding level of spoken and written English. Knowledge of Ukrainian or Russian is advantage.

Contact person: Dorina Ardeleanu, Program officer for Europe, Tdh Lausanne, e-mail:

The consultant will be required to agree and comply with Tdh Code of Conduct and Child Safeguarding standards, as well as to adhere to and follow Tdh administrative and logistical regulations and procedures.

[1] Migration in Ukraine: Facts and Figures. IOM Mission in Ukraine. 2016.