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Vacancy: Consultant-expert (team) to develop a study on children in street situation in Moldova


The representative office of Terre des hommes-Lausanne in Moldova (Tdh) is seeking a consultant/expert (team) to conduct a multidimensional survey of the children in street situation in Moldova (to provide statistical, sociological, psychological, economic and prospective data).

Type of services: Research (fact-finding, analysis, development of the study with recommendations).

Scope of work: Child Protection

Description of the assignment: The study of the street child phenomenon will help have a precise knowledge and better understanding of the scope, nature and drivers of the phenomenon identify the most appropriate arrangements to protect the children in street situation in Moldova according to international standards and to prevent other children from entering the target group of the study.

The study will provide a disaggregated registration of children, describe the profile of the children in street situation in Moldova and will address the individual, family and social (school, community) determinants of this phenomenon. The study will also provide conclusions and recommendations on how to prevent it and how to protect this group of children.

The Consultant will:

1. Conduct the study:

The Consultant will identify the profile of the children in street situation bearing in mind the following specific objectives: their psycho-emotional characteristics and needs; life and family history; current housing status, migration, group membership, group structure and operation, places where they spend time and others; the reasons the children go to the streets; the status of their IDs; description of the needed and of received services – social assistance (including placement in a shelter, placement centre or community home), healthcare or other types of services; description of the family of origin and the type of relationship with it; description of the level of education (relationship with other entities or NGOs, charity or religious organizations); identification of the ways they earn the money for daily living; inquiry into how they spend and how they would like to spend their free time; identification of abuses (exploitation, physical, sexual etc.) and the nature of the relationship with the abuser; description of substance use (tobacco, alcohol, various types of drugs) and the health status (various categories of illnesses the respondents suffer/suffered from, the access to healthcare services, established diagnosis, disability level, the risks to which children are exposed in the current living environment and others).

The main target group of the study can include the children in street situation who gather regularly and/or live more or less often in the abandoned building of the former National Hotel in Chisinau (if this is still appropriate at the time of conducting the study). The Consultant will identify these children, study their files and interview them, as far as this is possible, and will have the support and protection of the relevant authorities. Other ways to gather information will be the interviews with professionals and the parents/neighbours, relatives of the children etc.

Note: Tdh will provide support to the Consultant with the access to personal data needed for the study. The study version that will be made public will not contain personal data and will provide only depersonalized information.

Based on the findings of the study, the Consultant will define the profile(s) of a street child, formulate conclusions and general recommendations on how to prevent the phenomenon at national and local level and to harmoniously reintegrate the children in the community, as well as specific recommendations for various age and sex categories, other demographic issues etc. The Expert will present the specific regulatory framework need to be developed for this category of beneficiaries.

2. Prepare the final draft of the study (incorporate potential recommendations) and submit it to Tdh Moldova. The final version will also have an executive summary.

3. Hold a public event to present the study to be attended by relevant child protection players.                      

Deliverable of the assignment: Study with recommendations on the necessary arrangements to protect the children in street situation and prevent this phenomenon for the child protection authorities and Tdh Moldova.

Period of the assignment: 1 September – 1 December 2017.

Profile of the Consultant: Degree in psychology, social assistance, pedagogy, law or other relevant fields; comprehensive professional experience in the protection of socially vulnerable children or other relevant experience; proven track record in research, development of studies or profile assessments.

How to apply: The applicants shall email their applications, in Romanian or English, to, or submit them to Tdh office located on 6 Nicolae Iorga str., no. 3, Chisinau, MD-2009, indicating the position to which they apply.

The application shall include:

Letter that argues interest in the position and experience of the candidate in the field of indicated expertise;
Financial offer (including all the costs related to the services);
A brief description of the research methodology and the preliminary vision of the structure of the study.

The deadline for the submission of applications is August 20, 2017.

The consultant will be required to agree and comply with Tdh Code of Conduct and Child Safeguarding standards, as well as to adhere to and follow Tdh administrative and logistical regulations and procedures.