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Ukraine: Tdh helps affected families buy food and basic necessities


- 1.4 mio internally displaced people in Ukraine
- 1,400 families receiving emergency aid from Tdh
- 180 Swiss francs for each household affected by the conflict

Local communities and internally displaced people living in villages along the contact line in the conflict zone are extremely vulnerable. Trapped between the two conflicting sides, thousands of families in the Luhansk region are struggling to obtain such basic necessities as food, fuel and health care.

Terre des hommes (Tdh) is providing these vulnerable families with emergency aid to help them get through the winter. A total of 180 Swiss francs per household,* paid in two stages, enables families to buy food, heat their homes and get the care they need. 4,200 people are receiving such direct financial support.

Winter has a major impact on the availability of basic necessities: food prices rise, on top of the additional costs of obtaining blankets, fuel and warm clothing.

Tdh has operated in the Luhansk region since 2015, launching its humanitarian activities by providing psychosocial support for 12,000 local and displaced children and their families. In partnership with UNICEF, 90 children’s play areas have been set up in schools along the contact line.

*Project funded by Swiss Solidarity and Terre des hommes Netherlands.