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Trafficking in persons is a crime! Join us to stop it!


October 22-23, 2014, Tirana, Albania: During the past week, Terre des hommes supported several awareness raising activities taking place in Elbasan, Durres, Fier and Tirana to mark the “Anti-trafficking Week” together with the Ministry of Interior, local governments, and Roma and Egyptian civil society leaders in the framework of Tdh’s USAID-funded new project, which focuses on strengthening the Child Protection Safety Nets in Albania.
With the primary aim of sensitizing on trafficking issues with a special focus of children victims of trafficking and its vulnerabilities in an inclusive way and involving the active participation of children, Terre des hommes organised events and activities in four different cities to launch the new-USAID funded project “United against Child Trafficking”.
In Tirana, the activity involved the participation of children from the Emergency Transition Centre, children of the Mario Child Consultation Board, as well as other vulnerable children invited by partner organisations like ARSIS, SHKEJ and FBSH. The event was held at the auditorium of the Marubi Film Academy and counted with the attendance of parents from the ETC, Child Protection Unit workers, the municipality of Tirana, State and Regional Social Services, the National Agency for Protection of Children’s Rights, the Anti-trafficking Coordinator Office, Tirana Police, and representatives from the civil society. During the activity the children from the Mario Child Consultation Board presented a short theatre play and conveyed their messages on the protection of children on the move. Children from the ETC showed the art works that they developed during the 2014 Summer Camp organized by Tdh. After the children’s presentation, the representatives of the different participant institutions addressed to the audience on the concept of trafficking and the importance to protect children and to ensure the respect for their rights. As a symbolic act before the end of the event, an olive tree was brought into the auditorium for the children to hang paper hearts including messages in support of their rights. For each of the hearts with a message, they asked an adult to read it out loud and then they hanged the heart in the tree branches until the tree was full with paper hearts. This tree will be planted at the Emergency Transition Centre, where the children and their families have been living for a year and where Terre des hommes has been working to establish a psychosocial model of intervention.
The awareness raising activity in Fier was held at the city centre and was organized with Fier municipality, Regional Education Directorate, Fier District, Youth Parliament and a community based organisation from the Roma community. The aim of the activity was to raise the awareness of children, parents and community members on trafficking risks. In addition, the activity sought to sensitize individuals but also relevant local institutions on their role against child trafficking and to strengthen the collaboration between local structures. There was a large participation from children from different schools and vulnerable children from the Roma community and their parents who participated in thematic discussions on child trafficking, psychosocial games with a focus on child trafficking risks and protection, art expressions of messages against child trafficking etc.

In Elbasan the activity was organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior, Anti-trafficking Committee of Elbasan, and the NGO “Tjeter Vizion” at the university “Aleksander Xhuvani”. The activity involved the participation of students from the Social Sciences Faculty in a discussion forum. The students led a questions and answers session on trafficking issues in Albania with a panel that was composed by the Vice Minister of Interior and National Anti-trafficking Coordinator, Mrs. Elona Gjerbrea, the head of the District of Elbasan, the District Prosecutor and the Head of the Regional Police. Participants in the event were also representatives from the municipality, the Regional Social Services the Regional Education Directorate, the Public Health Directorate and from different NGOs working in Elbasan. During this event a group of children representing their peers from different daily centres in the city presented a video with messages against child trafficking. The video was the result of a series of activities held in each of the daily centres of Elbasan, where children had peer discussions, created art works and conveyed messages that became part of the video clip. Children went to the different institutions relevant to the anti-trafficking work to show their video, which was also shown in the electronic billboard of the city centre.
The activity in Durres was held at the community centre “Nish Tulla” with the participation of all representatives of the Regional Ant trafficking Committee and NGOs, children from the “Isuf Ferra” School and children of the Mario Child Consultation Board. Part of the activity was a comprehensive presentation from the Public Health Regional Directorate on human trafficking, what it is, signs to detects it, and how to get help. Children from the Mario Child Consultation Board presented once again the theatre play against children trafficking. The children from the Isuf Ferra School also presented their own messages against trafficking using poetry and paintings. Finally, Terre des hommes made a short presentation of the USAID-funded project “United against Child Trafficking”, which will have a specific focus in supporting the Nish Tulla community centre.