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The MOVE that brings joy (part II and III)

June 2, 2012, Ungheni, June 23, Chisinau, Moldova: Similar to the first Fair Play event in Soroca in May, two others were organised in June at two other locations. While the children, the play fields and towns were different the fun and games experienced by the children were the same.

In its final year, the MOVE project – supported by UEFA – has organised 3 Fair Play events in 3 different regions of Moldova. These events were carefully set in such way, that each child can have the most fun and enjoy winning in a fair way. The first event took place in Soroca. The present article will describe the last two events that were held in Ungheni and in Chisinau.

The Ungheni fair play gathered over 60 children from several day centres for children and youngsters, some 20 parents and the educators that animated the event. As special guests at the event, Andrei Macoviciuc, the goal keeper of the FC Costuleni football club and Dorina Bagrinovski, the marketing manager, were present. They had the chance to see the interesting games that were played and got to interact and play together with the children. Both of them declared that they were really excited to participate and that they’ve enjoyed the experience very much.

Local stakeholders – who were much appreciated – participated at the event, showing their support for the project and to the children – who were winning medals game after game.

One of the special differences that the Chisinau event had over the other two was the fact that the Fair Play from the capital of Moldova gathered also Roma children and parents from Calarasi, the new territory where the MOVE project gained ground. Also, the head of the Tarna Rom organization, Marin Ala, was present as a special guest of the event. He enjoyed the games and recognized the importance of the MOVE project and the activities developed by it, which he declared brought a smile on the children’s faces as well as on the teachers’.

One of the MOVE animators said that through this event “villages met together” and children got to make new friends and play with them on the common playground. The children were also glad having made new friends and had a lot of fun during the games.

The winning medals and small presents were offered to the participants of the two events, as well as instruments for the games for each of the participating communities. The children wore their awards and went home proudly.

The completion of the MOVE project went as expected. Many teachers learned the MOVE “trade” and are eager to continue the activities with children in the communities they work in. They got to observe and recognize the positive change the activities brought out in the children’s behaviour and attitudes. The children that benefited from the MOVE project became more self-confident, more friendly and have an improved attitudes towards their peers. (MS)

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