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The MOVE that brings joy (part I)


May 18th, 2012, Soroca, Moldova. The year 2012 is the final year of the MOVE project. For this matter, but also to help the psychosocial integration of all children, Terre des homes – supported by UEFA – is organizing three MOVE events – the Fair Play “competitions”.
“Competition” is actually the opposite of what Fair Play means. The MOVE methodology allows each child to be a part of the games, without the concern of winning or losing. So, the first out of three events took place in Soroca, at the local football stadium. More than 60 children from day care centres and temporary placement homes from Soroca district, parents and trained animators gathered to play. For the first time the Fair Play event was organized for the children from this kind of institutions. The age of the participants varied: there were kindergarten- and school-age children as well. Public authorities from the Soroca district participated as guests, including the president of the local council and the representative of the Social Assistance and Family Protection directorate, who have enjoyed getting warmed up together with the children.
The coach of the Soroca district team was asked to be goodwill ambassador of the event, to assist, instruct and play with the children. Vasile Zabrian has a vast experience in training football players, but also he knows very well how it can work better with children, having participated previously as a trainer for the children from the Open Fun Football School of UEFA.
“The event was very interesting” said the coach of the Soroca team about the MOVE Fair Play event. “The children are very happy about it. And I also think that we should do it more often” he added. Mr. Zabrian is sure that each child can become a real football player_ “there are no untalented children. There are only bad and untalented coaches that cannot bring out the talent from the child”.

Several circles of children were playing several games – all at the same time, all children getting to be football field, dragons, samurais, getting from one playground to another on live trains.
“I liked the most the Dragons and Samurais game. But I guess I liked them all” tells us Maxim, at the same time looking at his medal. He was feeling a bit tired after the event was over, as he did put a lot of enthusiasm in the games and being anxious to participate at the event, he got up very early in the morning.
Mrs. Dina, one of the MOVE trainers, was very excited about the event, though she admits she felt overwhelmed at first, having to play so many games with so many children. But she managed to win all the games, together with all the children.
At the end of the event all the children got their winner medals and got to shake hands with the coach Vasile Zabrianu, who was with each of them on the football field. The day care institutions received the necessary tools for the game, but also gratitude towards the teachers that play these games with the children.
This was the first of the three Fair Play events programmed for this year. The MOVE project promotes and implements the MGS (Movement, Games and Sports) methodology in the schools of Moldova. The MGS methodology is already successfully applied in several regions of Moldova, including the educational institutions from the Soroca district. The Fair Play events have the purpose to raise awareness to the local public authorities upon the benefits of the methodology, but also to bring the children together, so they can get to know each other better, make new friends and fell free to always be the winners. (MS)