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Teachers from 20 communities share their experience in promoting conscious gender-sensitive parenting


On November 8, 2017 - 30 teachers from 20 education institutions in the Ungheni, Falesti and Soroca districts took part in the wrap-up event of the "For a violence-free life of children in Moldova" project, implemented by Terre des hommes (Tdh) Moldova with the financial support of OAK Foundation. The aim of the project was to prevent child abuse, with a focus on the involvement of men and boys in this process, and to change the gender aspects /stereotypes that can lead to abuse. The wrap-up event (more photos) was an opportunity for teachers to share their experience in implementing the programme on conscious gender-sensitive parenting.

As working with parents is essential in achieving the project's goal, Tdh Moldova developed a programme on conscious gender-sensitive parenting and trained 30 teachers to apply this programme with parents in their communities. During the programme activities, teachers and parents addressed issues such as the benefits of involving men in raising and educating children, development of conscious gender-sensitive parenting skills, violence in the school environment and juvenile delinquency. This initiative was complemented by the peer-to-peer activities related to violence prevention and gender equality carried out in the same schools.

"In our society there is still a long way until we reach gender equality, including in matters related to involvement in raising and educating children", tells Octombrina Moraru, Tdh project manager. The participants at the wrap-up event confirmed this by underlining the need for more activities on conscious gender-sensitive parenting. The issues that were raised during the activities were very popular among parents. "I felt fathers’ genuine interest to be more active in their children’s life, but they need more support in developing their parenting skills. On the other hand, we should also encourage mothers to share more the parenting role with fathers", mentioned Ana Antonciuc, a teacher from Falesti.

The most difficult part was to involve parents in the first activity, some teachers said. However, those who took part in the first activity, did not hesitate to attend the sessions that followed and encourage other parents to participate. It was also mentioned that it had been easier to involve the parents of younger children and that they showed more interest in the activities carried out for their children. 

During the event, the teachers also had the opportunity to listen to John Crownover, CARE International Programme Coordinator and international expert in designing programs for the involvement of boys and men, who spoke about the positive parenting practices in the Balkan countries.

A very popular issue among participants was related to bullying, presented by Tatiana Turchina, a psychologist at the Moldova State University. The teachers who took part in the event confirmed that it happens in their institutions and asked for guidance in order to be able to address this issue. On the other hand, they said they would need additional knowledge and skills to carry out activities aimed to prevent bullying in schools. Mrs. Turchina presented some of the ways of preventing bullying in schools, which aroused the interest of all the participants.  

At the end of the event the participants reiterated their desire to continue the activities for parents in their institutions in order to engage more fathers in the education of their children. They also confirmed their willingness and openness to carry out more activities aimed to prevent bullying among children.