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Tdh Kosovo participates in the drafting process of the Child Protection Law


Prishtina, Kosovo, June 18, 2013: Terre des hommes participated in a workshop preparing the first draft of Law on Child Protection, successfully advocating for the incorporation of Case Management Roundtables into the draft law.
The workshop was initated and lead by the Legal Office of the Prime Minister with the support of GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit).
The inclusion of “Child protection municipal committees” is one of the achievements of the draft law. Tdh Kosovo is currently working on the process of institutionalization of case management roundtables. The Office for Good Governance, Human Rights, Equal Opportunities and Gender Issues will be assigned as a central authority for child protection according to the new law.
The current draft is in full accordance with the Convention of the Rights of the Child as well as Kosovo legislation. It will be reviewed again in July, and more inputs are expected to be provided.
The law is expected to be approved before the end of 2013 and enter into force in 2014.