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Summer Camp in Multiethnic Town


NGO Balkan Sunflowers with the support of Terre des hommes delegation in Kosovo is running a children's summer camp in Fushe Kosovo, which is 15 km from Prishtina. Such summer camps are being organized in different municipalities and it is becoming an annual tradition, supported by Tdh and implemented under the umbrella of local authorities.

During the camp children learn a lot of new and interesting things, such as facts about anathomy, music, pyrotechnical and basic astrophysical information, etc. One of the innovative and also important activity is art and recycling, because very often members coming from minority communities are engaged in recycling.

The camp has brough together children from different locations and also from disadvantaged families and backgrounds. It is very important to engage children from minority communities, especially RAE (Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian) community, as often these communities are marginalized and are not part of the educational system.