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"Recommendations of the report will serve as guidelines for us to improve the situation"


Skopje, Macedonia – 50 participants listened to the presentation of the Regional report on the Unicef guidelines to protect child victims of trafficking on the first of the series of launching events in South Eastern Europe, on the 18 February 2009. The findings of the report were welcomed by both government officials and NGOs.
The event was co-organised by Open Gate-La Strada and Terre des hommes. Sande Kitanov, Head of Unit on Trafficking in Human Beings and Illegal Migration, after his introductory speech, reflected on the report and committed himself to bring about certain changes such as the adaptation of the identification form in compliance with the rights of the child. Sanja Burageva, Head of the Subgroup on Trafficking in Children said in her comments: “Recommendations of the report will serve as guidelines for us to improve the situation.
The report was carried out in the framework of the Enhancing capacity to address trafficking in especially children from a human rights perspective in Southeast Asia, Southeast Europe and Latin America, co-funded by the European Commission.